Doll Clothes from the studio of "Frilly Frillz"

About Me

My name is Marci, I have been sewing for 65 yrs now.  I began sewing doll clothes and made rag dolls when I was 7 yrs old and never stopped.   I am a mother of 4 girls and 1 son.  I loved sewing for all of them.  In the 80's I manufactured girls formals in sizes 3 to 6X and 7 to 14, under the name of "Sugar'n Spice".  I went to a class on porcelain dolls and began making clothes for them too, also under the name "Sugar'n Spice".   I then traveled the doll show circuit which made my name well know among  doll artist and collectors.  Many of my clothes appeared on winning dolls in the competitions.    Several years ago I felt it was time to start sewing again for baby girls and came up with the new name of "Frilly Frillz".  I began buying fabrics, trims etc..............In January 2009 I came across "Reborn Babies" and fell in love.  I began buying kits and made several babies.

Let's fast forward to 2014, my granddaughter introduced me to American Girl dolls and other 18" dolls.  I had to get one to see what they are all about.  Now I am hooked making clothes for them including leather shoes and purses.  I am obsessed with these dolls.  I will be listing them soon pictures and all. I make my home in Southern California.  If you have any questions you can email me and if you live in the US and want a phone call back I will most certainly call you.  

 You can email me at my personal email address